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The latest The #CommonRoom Daily! Thanks to @hotradero @roythaniago @sirdikie #jakpost #worldcup


RT @Patwhitecom: Un nouveau souffle artistique pour la 13e édition de Cinéma urbain!


「グローバル企業のCSR【後編】投資で行うCSRー企業ベンチャーフィランソロピーとは」 社会的企業と「インパクト投資」とのパートナーシップが直面する問題についてレポート #投資 #インパクト #ベンチャー


RT @LesMeconnus: 13e édition de Cinéma urbain : vent de fraîcheur @SATmontreal


The total number of people in extreme poverty around the world has fallen by more than 50% since 2000…


RT @proudcloud: We're filling positions for Full Stack Senior Ruby on Rails, React/React Native, and Python Engineers that will be part of…


「グローバル企業のCSR【前編】課題と次なる一手とは」 グローバル企業のCSR活動で培われてきたネットワークを事業部の成長に繋げる方法を読み解きます #インパクト投資


LGBTI+ rights worldwide, refugee migration flows, and other top stories of the week


Un nouveau souffle artistique pour la 13e édition de Cinéma urbain ! #cinemaurbain #MTLmoments


🎉🎊Fiesta, fiesta, fiesta, fiesta 🎉🎊 Mañana, la comunidad del Faro de Oriente bailará para festejar 18 Años Transit…


Rural Bangladesh has already embraced renewable energy. Here’s what the rest of the world can learn…


How do foundations need to evolve to be effective problem-solvers in the 21st century? Vote for Uncharted's…


So many amazing projects! We loved the private view. @ICAHackspace has a lot of time (and space) for you amazing…


Tú que fuiste de la Gira 2018, ¿ya te encontraste en nuestras galerías de fotos? Búscate y revive los mejores momen…


5 charts that explain big challenges facing Italy’s new government


¿Quiénes son los actores involucrados en las Zonas Económicas Especiales?


Human-centered design in #edu: @IDEO shares how understanding behavior translates into meaningful design outcomes:


Chart of the day: Where adults lack access to a bank account


Thanks for attending out Stories of Resilience event on Wednesday!


What is the Key(nes) to the program's success? What do you mean there's no market for a bad Econ pun? Bahhhh. (Seri…


Nos vemos a las 20:00 hrs. en la @CinetecaMexico para disfrutar del ciclo de cine Queer de nuestros amigos de…


15 arrêts terrasse dans le Quartier des spectacles ! Passez nous voir au Labo culinaire #bonweekend ! via @QDS_MTL


起業家が必ず直面する厳しい現実と、燃え尽きを防ぐための4つの方法  #起業 #厳しい現実 #燃え尽き #burnout #entrepreneurs


Freelancers—a group that includes highly paid corporate consultants, Uber drivers, and freelance journalists like m…

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RT @HUBinaBOX: Gabriela Agustini of Olabi sharing one of their most sustainable revenue streams. #HubSustainability


RT @HUBinaBOX: Words of wisdom by @christophfahle of @betahaus on most successful revenue streams! #HubSustainability…

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Celebrating Hubs in every shape and size - from pop-up shops to maker-spaces, social venture incubators to creative clusters.


An open-source tools-shop for people building and running hubs. Apps, models, kits and technology to help with everything from business planning to impact measurement.  

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About this project

There are millions of people convening in hubs across the globe to create civic ideas and enterprises that demonstrate another world is possible. They are supported and hosted by hub-makers who shape the spaces and networks to grow potential. But who supports the hub-makers? These brave and visionary people often lack access to the skills, tools and markets they deserve to thrive.

Open Movement° is a meeting place for hub-makers of any and all kinds. It’s an atlas of initiatives, an open box of tools, a home for learning and a marketplace of calls to action.

The platform is being built with leaps of faith, generosity and investment by Open° and our friends. Open° is a small, emerging collective of people from places as diverse as Amsterdam, Cairo, Kigali, London, New York, Shanghai and Tunis dedicated to civic renewal around the world.
Our friends are The 1% Club, ICE, Hivos, British Council, Impact Hub, Nesta Labs, Fab Foundation, AfriLabs, Ananse, Indigo Trust, and the Salzburg Global Seminar.

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